Sunday, April 13, 2014

Am I an adult yet??

I think everyone goes through this awkward "not a girl yet not a woman" period where, yes, the government recognizes that you are in fact an adult by law, but in real life, you feel like you are hovering around the mental age of 19.  I think you officially know that you're all grown up when you have moved past the denial of getting older and accept that you are a responsible human being.  However, I don't think I'm quite there yet, but I wanted to give you some examples of what my daily life is like.  You can decide for yourself if I'm an adult or not.

I moved out of my parents house

I think this is a huge determiner of being an independent, responsible person.  If you still live with your parents, you are not a real adult (unless you moved in to take care of them or something, in which case you are more of an adult than I'll ever be).  After 23 years of paying for school, living rent-free, and being fed, clothed and sheltered, I am officially no longer being supported by my parents.  Although that sounds super grown up, I now work for a family who pays for my cell phone, my metro pass, and I don't have to pay rent. I never said that my parents no longer supported me because I was financially stable and self-sufficient, I just said they don't pay for my shit anymore... someone else does now.  I really have no idea where this puts me on the adult scale.

I still cry when I'm tired

You know when a two year old doesn't get enough sleep, and the next day he will be cranky and cry over anything and everything?  Yeah that's still where I am in life.  If I'm tired, I will cry over everything.  Last week I cried because I couldn't find eggs in the supermarket.  I will cry if anyone says anything remotely nice to me.  God forbid I talk to my mom, I will cry out of homesickness for the next hour. As you can see, I really am a basket case when I am sleep deprived which is definitely not a sign of a well-adjusted, "I have my shit together" adult.

I take out the trash on a regular basis

Gone are the days when I would let my trash can overflow onto the floor and be totally cool with it.  I now take out the trash like a normal human being, meaning before it turns into a disgusting, hoarderesque situation.  I really shouldn't be proud of this, but I've just come so far.

I don't do my laundry until I run out of underwear

I really hate doing laundry.  What do I hate more than doing laundry?  Folding my clothes and putting them away.  I try to avoid it at all costs which means that my outfits become more and more desperate, and I eventually wear bathing suit bottoms as underwear.  I think I did more laundry in college than I do now, so that should really tell you something about my maturity level.  

I cook almost everyday... and not just Ramen noodles

I am particularly proud of this achievement considering the size of my "kitchen."  If you read my previous post First Week and a Half in Paris, you know that my kitchen comprises of a mini fridge and a hot plate.  I have recently added a toaster oven... which I primarily use to make pizza.  Anyway, I do cook almost everyday, and not just simple pasta dishes (although I do eat pasta with butter and cheese quite frequently). I actually put effort into my meals now, and at least try to cook something healthy.  I no longer spend the majority of my paycheck on crappy takeout when I'm too lazy to cook, mostly because I'm too poor for other people to make my food.

I still procrastinate until the last second to do almost everything

I don't care if I have five hours to get ready, I will still probably be late to where ever I am going.  My thought process is that if I have twenty minutes to get dressed, brush my teeth, and do my hair, I can still squeeze in ten minutes of Youtube or Facebook time.  Sometimes when I try to figure out why I was late getting somewhere, I truly can't remember, but I just assume that I was doing some nonsense on the internet. I am never late because I am doing something productive.  I have never said something like "oh sorry I'm late, but I was tweeking my resume and lost track of time."  Usually I've been stalking my ex boyfriend's best friend's younger sister because it looks like she might be pregnant in her profile picture.  This is not adult behavior, and someone should revoke my internet privileges. 

So there you have a few adult/not-so-adult examples of what I do on a daily basis.  I could probably write parts 2, 3, and 4 about the questionable things I do.  Am I a real grown up?  I have no clue, but probably not. 

I would love to hear some of your ridiculous adult/non-adult behavior, so please comment!