Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Amsterdam - it's cute as shit

Since I had last week off, I went to Amsterdam for a long weekend (that still feels really weird to say), and of course had an amazing time. And of course I am going to tell you all about it, but first I want to give a sort of overview on my thoughts of the city.

Let me tell you, it's adorable. First of all, we stayed in a boat which turned out to be a slightly glorified hostel. Despite some obnoxious English teenagers who woke all the passengers (yes passengers) up coming home at six in the morning, it was pretty awesome.  Our "cabins" were super small, but the claustrophobia forced us to spend time in the the lounge and see more of the city in spite of our sleep deprivation.

This the Avanti - our hotel/getaway boat if anything should go wrong.

Anyway, let me get back to the cute as shit part.  Everywhere you look in Amsterdam is beautiful. Okay maybe not the Red Light District, but then again, a fair amount of men find the lovely ladies in the windows to be beautiful too. For some reason I picture all of their clients being old Asian business men. I don't know why.

Yes, that is a cat sitting in the window of a small old house sandwiched between two big apartment buildings. Adorable.

I'm getting off track. All of the houses on the canals are stunning with their quaint painted bricks and huge windows. I'm seriously considering becoming a professional au pair, moving to Amsterdam, and taking care of some bratty Dutch kids who live in one of these amazing houses.

And there are the bicycles. Everywhere. There are literally parking lots just for bikes, but don't let that adorable tidbit fool you. At first you're like "oh my god it's so freaking cute that everyone rides bikes," and it is in fact a hipster's wet dream.  However give yourself twenty minutes in the city, and you will turn on those bikes faster than one of those prostitutes will climb on Asian business men. Every time you cross the street, you almost DIE. They seriously come out of no where!  I am sure that cyclists hate pedestrians just as much as I hate them.  We're probably pretty annoying while we're stupidly standing in bike lanes, staring at the coffee shops in utter amazement.

In case you are wondering, "coffee shop" is a euphemism for a place where you can buy weed and smoke it LEGALLY... and maybe buy some coffee too.

Here's another bike... just because.

Okay so this is my brief overview of Amsterdam.  I am realizing that it provides absolutely nothing useful, but I hope you enjoy the pictures. I will be posting suggestions of where to go, what to eat, drink, etc. along with some charming anecdotes in the next few days.