Monday, January 20, 2014

First week and a half in Paris

So I've been in Paris since last Saturday, and I meant to do a "one week in Paris" post, but that didn't happen.

First of all, I started working for my super awesome family which has been great! Their daughter remains completely adorable despite the occasional tears over having to take a bath.  Also, the family has been really accommodating and helpful since I've been here, so that has been very much appreciated.

Second of all, I finally moved into my apartment on Wednesday! Now when I say my apartment, what I really mean is my extremely small room and an area that I call my closet-kitchen-shower.  Mind you, I did not say bathroom -- that's down the hall and outside.  Did I mention that it is a seventh floor walk up? In case you were wondering what a room like this looks like, here are some pictures

Please do not take this description of my room as complaining, I absolutely love my place.  Not only will I get into super awesome shape from climbing the seven flights of stairs to my very own "apartment," but I also have this fantastic view from my window

... and this one from the street

Of course living in such small quarters will take some getting used to, but I am more than confident that I will be able to do it without a problem.  I am so confident that I am even going to try to cook a nice meal tomorrow using my two hot plates, so you have that post to look forward to.

As for what I have been doing for the past week and a half, well honestly, I've been sleeping a lot (jet lag's a bitch), but I have had the chance to go out a few times.  I went to my all-time favorite bar "The Cork" which is right on the Canal St.-Martin as well as a lesbian bar that Baudelaire used to frequent (I am not sure of any connection).  I also went to what I thought what going to be "Le Club du Fromage" which is a monthly party where everyone dresses up in costumes and dances crazily to outrageous music.  However, it turned out to be just a normal club that night -- still fun none the less.

Sorry for the post being so general, but I promise to post more frequently to avoid this from happening again!